Vivid Sight

Do not meditate when you're doing an eye test. Specifically, the sort of test where, wired up with sensors on your head, you are to watch a monitor display, first a grey and white and then black and white checkerboard with a red circle in the center enclosing a red X. Feeling mildly anxious before we began, I asked the ophthalmology technician, "Is it OK to meditate during the test? As long as I keep my eyes open?" 

She said that should be fine. Well....maybe. But clearly not for the bazillion of us who are in the habit of visiting the inner world. 

First the right eye. Left eye patched.

A surprisingly pleasant, nice little tune accompanied the checkerboard squares and red X. Mistake to stream music. Music releases dopamine - a pleasure creating neuropeptide, happy jolt of feel-good energy. I had planned to zone out. Go within. Watch my own instant stream movie. Music added a mystical dimension to my video. I understand how potent music is because I regularly trip on oxygen and music in the *Breathwork* process I fell into, and fell in love with, in early 90's. I got so hooked on the miraculous changes in my life because of "the work," that I have since been trained, certified, and verified as yeah, you've got this. So now, a soul-brother breathwork practitioner and I facilitate workshops with this trippy, soul-opening, imagination-releasing, healing magic for body, mind and emotions. Music matters. Especially if it triggers meditation...a trance altered state of reality...and non-ordinary consciousness. Which it definitely does. For everyone.

Back to the test. I had blissfully zoned out in an eventful journey, not yet understanding that I was screwing the results. Here's the thing: meditation, contemplation and active imagination transcend the 3D - height/width/depth - dimensions of reality and transport us into the 4th dimension where space and time are bent. In 4D, what goes on in a nanosecond of earth-time expands and extends in cosmic reality. During that brief test on the right eye, I walked back into the images and story of a recalled dream. Met the dream character. Dialogued with her. Agreed on a plan. Got set right. And felt fabulous knowing what to do about an annoying, real life issue that I've been trying to figure out how to handle. 

The capable and kind woman who facilitated the test redid it twice. Possibly three times. I can't be sure. I had gone into my own magical world. Which I tried to reasonably explain - so as not to appear schizophrenic. I apologized for messing with the test results and vowed to focus and keep my thoughts blank, if she wanted to have another go at it. She did. Success!

Then the left eye. I promised to keep my mind empty. I failed. Imagination when awakened is persistent as a border collie herding sheep. If you are reading this, you more than likely know exactly what I mean.

I wasn't intentionally journeying. But I'll admit to feeling pumped about more immediate evidence of the incredible power of the Third Eye, the 6th Chakra energy center located in the center of our forehead that connects with intuition, clairvoyance, connection to All That Is. Vivid seeing that surpasses and overwhelms ordinary sight.

Beyond metaphysical knowledge of chakra energy centers, there are waves of modern neurological research scientists who passionately probe for certain knowledge of untapped resources of the human mind. Our human capacity to expand consciousness beyond the known 10% from which we normally function has become the unexplored new frontier of innerspace. The Dark Matter in our minds that holds it all. For mind-blowing possibilities check out neuroscientist, David Eagleman's YouTube presentations. Here is one among many, the seminal TED Talk that attracted an audience to his work:

So here I was, electrodes firmly in place, and voila, yet another demonstration of the astounding power of opening the Third Eye doorway and walking into alternative reality. As promised, I truly attempted to focus only on the nice little grey and white and black and white checkerboard pattern. But...if you are a frequent flyer as I am, aka: traveler in inner know that feeling of being strangely entranced. The square pattern of the test grid captured my imagination. In fact, memory of another grid pattern lodged in my head and I proceeded to scroll through the iphoto data base in my mind. Found it in my mind's eye: a random, vibrant, irregular, square-patterned, printout my whacked out printer had coughed up a few weeks ago instead of printing the page I queued up. The image was so attractive to me that I had captured the page with my iphone. An more...interesting image to en-vision than the grey and white and black and white test grid.

Definitely, the test on my left eye was a redo. Finally we got it right. I think. We'll see what the ophthalmologist says when I meet with him to hear the results. The darling and patient woman who got the job done said she would record "what you were doing" in her notes. It wasn't a serious test anyway. Just a what-if-you-might-get-such and such-so-we-can-head-that-off-just-in-case-it-happens. And I did this why?  

Long story here. Point being: Wow! That was way cool. What I sensed. What I've studied. What I've experienced in my own spiritual journey. What I know must be true for eons of mystics, shamans, neo-shamans and spiritual seekers, resonated true in an optional and brief, scientific eye test. Thoughts bend, divert and direct 3D results. We are so much more than we know. Discovering and harnessing the power of our minds in the service of good is a heady and very real possibility. Now there's a natural high.  



Sandy Morrison

Healing begins through connecting with our unlived life...and shining truth-light on secrets we're keeping from ourself. My work is person-centered, transpersonal and holistic with a focus on life transitions, addictions to people, places and things and trauma past and present, often manifesting as phobias and PTSD responses to even the seemingly mildest situations. When we deeply, truthfully know who we are, what we feel, want and need and our life-purpose, we become whole. Individuals. Couples. Groups. Retreats. Intuition guides the work which is backed by 30 years of intense clinical specialty with addictions, trauma and dis-ease.

Offering experiential therapies - Gestalt. Hypnotic Regression. EMDR. EFT. Breathwork. Active Imagination. Dreamwork. Art. Movement. Psychodrama. Focusing. Journaling. Shamanism. And practical coaching techniques. This work empowers clients to know, trust and follow their inner guidance. Experience is the greatest teacher. Personal insight...inner-knowing...a powerful AhHa creates the greatest healing and wholeness.

Before becoming a therapist, intense loss drew me to personal psychotherapy. Soul searching, I studied world religions & ancient mystery schools, retreated, contemplated, meditated, traveled to sacred places. Degrees & Certifications provide credentials. Personal healing experiences and soul-learnings are my greatest teachers. Book: Just Because You're Dead Doesn't Mean You're Gone