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Breathwork / Heartwork Daylong Retreat /Facilitated by Sandy Foster Morrison, MA/LPC and Dirk Magdahl, PhD/LPC

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas - Bishop Jones Center

111 Torcido Dr, San Antonio, Texas 78209


The world, our lives...the planet often feels like it is erupting and spinning out of control. If we're at all awake we feel a little -- or a lot -- unsettled and are questioning ourselves. Wondering if we're on track or off. Wondering if we should make changes or stay steady right where we are. The truest and best guidance we can receive when the process of change and transformation are let loose in our lives, is to go inside and get clear with ourselves. 

For the past year, every 3 months Sandy and Dirk - therapists and guides for tranformative innerwork - have brought the powerful Breathwork / Heartwork process to San Antonio. Each Daylong Retreat answers the need so many are feeling for a shift in consciousness, and insights with which to direct our lives. Each workshop experience builds on the work of the "breathwork" before and incrementally enhances growth, healing, clarity, transformation of lifelong issues and psychospiritual growth. 

Workshops are spaced with three months in between, because often the insights brought up are so profound, it takes several months to absorb the wisdom gained...and to make the life changes that our inner guidance brought to light.

The Breathwork / Heartwork experience - deep breathing in the beginning to reach a meditative state, evocative music to carry us along on an inner journey, artwork and group sharing, open our creative imagination to glimpses of the future, as well as healing aspects of the past that could keep us from living true to ourself...a filled up human being with much to give to the world and those we love. This work largely enhances regular therapy and is now being widely used in addiction treatment facilities to effectively remove and heal the source of addictions. 

Participants will want to bring: yoga mat or similar cushioning pad, a quilt or blanket, pillow and your personal journal if you keep one. Please wear comfortable yoga-type clothes. And eat a light meal on the morning of the workshop and during the day.

Tea and snacks will be provided. There will be a two hour break for lunch and restaurants within easy walking distance. Because the setting is extraordinarily tranquil and beautiful, both inside and within the 3-acre walking paths - with many secluded benches on the grounds - we recommend that you consider bringing your own lunch in order to take full advantage of the setting. There is a kitchen available for our use.

8:30am arrival recommended in order to be ready to begin at 9:00am. 

Cost for full day is $150. Checks can be made out to Path of Direct Experience (PODE) or Sandy Foster Morrison or Dirk Magdahl and mailed to Sandy Foster Morrison @ 5150 Broadway, PMB 199, San Antonio 78209 or paypal @ with a $5. service fee added.