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We're "Breathing" again, December 5th! For many of us the Breathwork Process has become our centerpiece for ongoing self-awareness...spiritualenlightenment...healing...and integrating body and mind, soul and spirit. For beginnning "Breathers" and for regulars who "Breathe" often (yes...we know...we all breathe!) "Breathwork" often becomes a treasured time and place to connect with ourself...for ourself only. To get clear about who we are...right now. And potentially grasp insight and clarity about our next right step in this change-y unpredictable world...especially if we're in a stage of transition. And who isn't right now!

Each *Breathwork Process" - deep breathing in the beginning to reach ameditative state, evocative music to carry you along on an inner journey, artwork and group sharing - opens our creative imagination to glimpses of the future, as well as healing aspects of the past that could keep us from living true to ourself...a filled- up human being with much to give to the world and those we love. Not only does this work enlarge any therapeutic process. It is enormously effective in the healing of addictions and is widely used in addiction treatment facilities to effectively remove and heal the source of addictive behavior. 

Many people ask how the work is done. So please note: Unlike other "breathwork" processes that you may have heard of or experienced (like rebirthing or integral breathwork), Integrative Breathwork is NOT about deep breathiing constantly throughout the process! We deep breathe only in the beginning to carry ourselves into a meditative trance state. 

Here's how it rolls: You will want to bring a yoga mat or similar cushioning pad, quilts, blankets, pillows and your personal journal. Please wear comfortable yoga-type clothes. And eat a light meal on the morning of the workshop and during the day.

Tea and snacks will be provided. There will be a two-hour break for lunch and restaurants within easy walking distance. Our setting is extraordinarily tranquil and beautiful, both inside and within the 3-acre walking paths, with many secluded benches on the grounds. In order to take advantage of the expansive space, we recommend that you consider bringing your own lunch - or buying lunch at Central Market just down the hill and returning with it to the center. There is a kitchen available for our use.

An 8:30AM arrival is recommended in order to settle in and prepare to begin at 9:00AM.

If this is your first time to breathe, you will need to chat with either Dirk or Sandy so we can be sure you are prepared and ready for an optimum experience. 

Cost for full day is $150. Checks can be made out to Path of Direct Experience (PODE) or Sandy Foster Morrison or Dirk Magdahl and mailed to Sandy Foster Morrison @ 5150 Broadway, PMB 199, San Antonio 78209 or paypal @ with a $5. service fee added. We need to have secure numbers 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE WORKSHOP so we can hire another facilitator if necessary. 

We are beyond grateful to bring this work to San Antonio. Like many of you, Breathwork is the centering point for our personal spiritual work... <3

Find more about Dirk and Sandy here: