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LOVE Anyway Process Group


JANUARY 10, 17, 24, 31 / FEBRUARY 7, 21

Our original time-limited working group made up of both men and women who are invested in their transformation has re-upped for another 6 weeks. We are adding one member to this closed group. And because of the enthusiasm for group connections and growth achieved both from relationship building and insights gained, the possibility of another similar group is on the table. Contact me if you are interested. 

Presently, this group will continue to work with four LOVE ANYWAY principles based on a dream-teaching by a wise Yoda. And utilize experiential tools like active imagination, Gestalt, psychodrama, body focusing, sculpting and any other experiential process that arises out of the group. To work toward wholeness we'll integrate body and mind, heart and spirit.  Most especially I hope we laugh! A spiritual man who was once my teacher said that we are closest to Spirit when we laugh. Always, the kind of laughter that comes from sharing our ironic struggles toward wholeness is maybe the most healing part of all our work.

In addition we're adding a five point process for first becoming aware of what you want changed and then the steps for carrying that out. As well as principles of healthy vs toxic relationships will be integrated into the empowering process of being truly, honestly yourself and shedding any inauthentic - however culturally sanctions - aspects of your personality.

Confidentiality is key to insure a high-functioning progress oriented group. Cost is $40. per group with a discount of $20. offered if you choose to pay the group fee at one time.

Earlier Event: November 1
Later Event: January 13