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The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness, and will will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends. C. G. JUNG

Whether you are new to this work or an experienced breather your experiences are no less profound, insightful or life-changing each time you experience the work. The incremental effect of going directly to soul - or as some might say your Higher Self - for life-direction and healing through the psychoactive Breathwork Process will over time, profoundly heal and transform your life. In this work you will experience

·      Elevating Consciousness

·      Birthing New Aspects Of Self

·      Identifying Life Purpose

·      Transcending 3D Awareness

·      Healing Body & Mind, Emotions & Spirit

·      Removing Karmic Patterns

·      Experiencing Past Lives

·      Connecting With Life Passion

·      Embodying Spirit

·      Revelation of Your Bigger Story

THE BREATHWORK PROCESS opens inner pathways that roll through time and send breathers on inner journeys: Personal…Transpersonal…Cosmic. The music meditation process is paired with creating a mandala that visually represents your journey and is completed with group sharing and ceremony. Similar to the effects of shamanic drumming, Buddhist chanting, trance dancing and mystical spiritual practices throughout recorded time, we’ll travel between the worlds and return with knowledge and insight that lightens our load and shines light on the path ahead. 

You’ll spend all day within your own inner-guided process, and yet together in community with like-minded men and women in a tranquil natural setting.

Many people ask how this work is like other breathing processes. There are differences. Unlike other breathworks that you may have heard of or experienced, this form, Integrative Breathwork - pioneered by Dr. Stanislov Grof as Holotropic Beathwork and enlarged by psychotherapist and mythologist Jacquelyn Small (Awakening in Time, The Sacred Purpose of Being Human) – is not about technique or muscular deep breathing throughout the process.

We deep breathe only at the beginning of the work until a meditative trance state is achieved. The trajectory of this Work - although body-conscious - is more about allowing your own spiritual insight and healing to arise from within. 

Details: You will want to bring a yoga mat or similar cushioning pad, quilts, blankets, pillows and your personal journal. Please wear comfortable yoga-type clothes. And eat a light meal on the morning of the workshop and during the day. Tea and snacks – nuts, fruit, hummus and GF options - will be provided. Our setting at Bridge Between the Worlds is extraordinarily tranquil and beautiful. Refrigerator space is available if you choose to bring lunch. Some just graze on munchies at hand. An 9:45AM arrival is recommended in order to settle in and be prepared to begin at 10:00AM.

No matter how many times I've held space for this deep heartwork - and it has been hundred and hundreds of times over the last 30 years - I'm always reverently blown away by how beautiful human beings are when we open-up to the depths of love and wisdom that is there inside just waiting to be touched and told. Until we meet again. My heart to yours...

Registration for the full day is $150. To place your name on the list, call, text – 210-323-8201 or 434-270-0432 or email – Payment can be mailed to 977 Seminole Trail, PMB 359, 22901. Or when using paypal add a $5.00 service charge to $150 fee.


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