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The dream is a small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens into that primeval night that was soul long before there was a conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could every reach.

Carl Gustav Jung





Our BREATHWORK has been compared to the effects of plant medicine practiced by shamans and indigenous cultures ~ or the mystic’s trance evoked through prayer, dance, deprivation ~ and powerful edge-state experiences within ancient civilizations throughout the ages.

Rather we journey through our




we can anticipate "change that is permanent."

As one Virginia *breather* recently declared about her experience within this powerful yet simple trance enhancing process of conscious deep breathing paired with music. The depth of the deep-breathing trance state is amplified by a womb of intense sound from a uniquely created, two-hour musical journey designed to track the chakra vibrational frequencies…from deep tribal drumming to ethereal chants and bells.

*Breathers* report experiences that range from:

*a healing - especially from the pull of addiction

*a slow dawning of deep insight about their whole life

*journeying to other lands other cultures ancient and contemporary

* experiencing themselves as another person another time

*connecting with the mystery that binds the universe together

*awakening to feelings of limitless love and compassion

*death and rebirth

*overcoming darkness

*a flash of clarity that leads to the next right step on their path of personal growth and transformation

The WORK is experienced within a group of like-minded others having an individual experience. Without expectation or anything required, we share the common experience of uniquely personal inner work. *Breathers* return again and again whenever we feel drawn to come. As many of you have come to expect, this work is forever fresh and new. No matter how much we’ve *breathed* our meditative experience is as multi-faceted and individual as we each are. No two Breathworks alike. Always a surprise. Remarkably what we need.

Bring a journal! You'll want to record the experience to unpack as deepening insights come in the days and weeks that follow.

Breathwork Experience on Saturday $200.00

 Levels of Consciousness In-Depth Teaching & Processing on Sunday $50.00

Early Bird April 1st For Whole Two-Day Experience


For our daylong Saturday Breathwork you’ll want to dress in comfortable yoga-type clothes. And bring a bedroll or blanket or quilts, warm covering and a pillow as if you’re camping out. This work of heart is begun lying on your back. Cushioning is especially helpful to the process. The whole Breathwork Process is completed by creating a mandala that represents your journey, group sharing, and ceremony. 

During our Saturday lunch break we'll have a soulful encounter with horse energy. And if your need is to be quiet within yourself, trails and trees are available for ME Time. 

On Sunday we'll explore 

Levels of Consciousness 

Prepare a Lifeline composed from events in your waking life 

Gain Insight ~ Awareness ~ Direction ~ Meaning 

from messages laid down within the symbology of Breathwork. 

For our two-hour lunch break on Saturday we offer GF vegetarian and vegan choices: hummus, dippers, veggies, fruit, nuts, chocolate, along with coffee and teas. If you want to bring your own lunch and snacks we can arrange space in the refrigerator. As with any meditative practice, a light breakfast and eating lightly during the day works best. Be sure and bring a covered water bottle you can refill.

ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT: For new *breathers* an interview is required. In person at my office: 3054B Berkmar Dr., CVille 22901. Or by phone @ 434-270-0432. Usually 30 minutes answers all the questions we need to consider to make sure this process is right for you. Email:   

For an easy payment and to secure your place please visit my website. There is a PayPal button at the bottom of the home page. I also take Venmo. With any questions or just something you want to process please text and/or call: 210-323-8201 or 434-270-0432.

Always as I prepare to send out emails and begin to envision all of you changing your lives through this simple yet powerful process, my heart feels warm and expands with certain awareness that this is the work I am here to do. 

Blessings and All Things Good - 


210-323-8201 or 434-270-0432

(text or leave message)